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What a about independence for Tibet and the Uighurs, you bloody commies #Beijing reaffirms support for independent Palestinian state to Arab League 

China’s President Xi Jinping announced on Thursday in Cairo that his country supports the creation of a Palestinian state with East Jerusalem as its capital, based on the 1967 borders. The Chinese leader announced in a speech at the Arab … Continue reading

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China’s Separatist, Independence, and Decentralization Movements

                International Tibet Independence Movement Government of Tibet in Exile — Official site. Free Tibet!— The world-wide movement to achieve freedom and justice for Tibet, occupied by China since 1959. Although these efforts are … Continue reading

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What is “China proper”, its ‘original’ borders?

  China proper (also Inner China) was a term used by Western writers on the Qing Dynasty to express a distinction between the core and frontier regions of China. There is no fixed extent for China proper, as many administrative, cultural, … Continue reading

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Yeahhh! Make China withdraw to its ‘proper’ borders @A Merkel, a Map, a Message to China?

On March 28, German Chancellor Angela Merkel hosted visiting Chinese President Xi Jinping at a dinner where they exchanged gifts. Merkel presented to Xi a 1735 map of China made by prolific Frenchcartographer Jean-Baptiste Bourguignon d’Anville and printed by a German publishing house. … Continue reading

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Yeah, yeah! Free Tibet and … @China President Xi Jinping says world has nothing to fear from awakening of ‘PEACEFUL LION’

… the Uighurs, Inner Mongolians and we will believe you. Drop you claims on parts of S.E.A too. Xi Jinping’s decision to compare China to the proverbial “king of the jungle” yesterday was seen as the latest sign that the … Continue reading

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