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WTF! You bloody ‘dhimmi’@PAS non Muslim wing

Hey! You are second class citizens in a Muslim state so why are you licking the arses of these bigots. Are these Indians stupid, or what?   The PAS Supporters Congress, its non-Muslim wing, has asked MCA to respect the … Continue reading

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He will get his 72 virgins (gay) in heaven @Orlando gunman ‘tried to pick up men’ in gay bar he attacked 

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Less talk, more action. Nuke them! @French police chief and partner killed in stabbing claimed by Isis 

President François Hollande has convened crisis talks after a man convicted for terrorist offences and claiming allegiance to the Islamic State stabbed a French police commander to death in front of his house outside Paris, then killed his partner who … Continue reading

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Islamic bigot, homophobe! @Orlando gay club shooter Omar Mateen was investigated TWICE by the FBI 

Of course, it had to do with religion. Islam condemns homosexuality and stone them to death. So he killed them. He would have stoned them if he could. Islam should be outlawed as it is not a religion because its ‘teachings’ are … Continue reading

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Walks like a duck, talks like a duck, he is Donald ‘Duck’ Trump @’Humans of New York’ creator to Trump: ‘The hateful one is you’ 

Brandon Stanton, the blogger and photographer behind the popular project “Humans of New York,” denounced Donald Trump as “hateful” in an open letter on Monday, charging the Republican primary front-runner with seizing on racial division and religious prejudice to advance … Continue reading

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Time to nuke them commie bastards #Images suggest N. Korea may be preparing missile launch

TOKYO: Satellite imagery analysis suggests North Korea may be preparing a long-range ballistic missile launch, Japan’s Kyodo News reported Thursday, citing a Japanese government source. Imagery collected over the past several days suggested the launch from the western Dongchang-ri site … Continue reading

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Dump that pseudo religion, lady and… #‘I’m young, MUSLIM & proud to be Australian’

.. free yourself from mental bondage in the name of God. Islam is a ‘religion’ concocted by a 15th century desert warlord who set out to build his own empire. He copied the religions of the Jews and Christians, adapted to Arabian culture and … Continue reading

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Time to nuke these motherfuckers #ISIS takes responsibility for blasts in Jakarta, Indonesia

Ask all civilians to evacuate the areas to be hit, then rain hell fire on these IS motherfuckers. It is time to obliterate them off the face of  this earth. Send them to join their 72 virgins (male virgins for … Continue reading

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Damn these motherfucking terrorists #Suicide Bomb Attack Kills At Least 10 in Istanbul, Turkey

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Dastardly ISIS extremists, motherfuckers #Jakarta Explosions: Multiple Blasts, Gunfire Rock Indonesian Capital in Suicide Bombing Attack 

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