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Flower in Prison: Kdramas have bad endings. Why? (spoilers)

It is actually 51 episodes and overall I enjoyed the drama but the ending sucks. I would have preferred to see Ok Nyeo live in the palace, as a princess, and married to Tae Won. She could still supervise the legal … Continue reading

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Murderers are to be executed, you fucking wimp. King material, my arse… #Kim Soo Ro Ep 29 

… and why was the criminal who committed multiple murders be allowed to ramble on and on, making delusional political speech. Watch Kim Soo Ro Episode 29 Online Free – Ep 29 eng sub

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Wimpy men manipulated by pussies #Kim Soo Ro Ep 16 (eng sub)

As usual, we have the crop of wimpy men who are easily manipulated by pussies who don’t even love them. Yet, they want to be kings!   Watch Kim Soo Ro Episode 16 Online Free – Ep 16 eng sub

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For fuck sake, get some Indian actors/actresses #Kim Su Ro, The Iron King 

Ji Hye appeared as Heo Hwang Ok, daughter of an Indian aristocrat (from Ayodha, Uttar Pradesh) and who traded with Gimhae, one of the small states of Gaya, South Korea (near Busan). She married the hero of the drama, Kim Su … Continue reading

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