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I hate pussies. Literally, this pussy #Sword and Flower: Episode 4 recap

Love? Ha! That is what I hate about women, easily swayed by emotions. Where was the filial piety? Yeon Choon obviously killed the assassin to protect his father, no matter what he said and Moo-Young should have seen through this. … Continue reading

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Wheehee! A good twist, reveal of Cheok Sa-Kwang #Six Flying Dragons: Episode 29 Recaps

I would like to see less fight scenes but Sa-Kwang’s was adequate. She quickly disposed of the two men who came to abduct the Prince while revealing to us who she really was. That was good! The drama should be … Continue reading

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Yippee! A K drama set in 1930s Shanghai #Age of Feeling: Episode 1Korean drama recaps

  Those who liked this should also watch the 2015 HK drama, Lord of Shanghai, and compare their portrayals of 1930s Shanghai. Lord of Shanghai was an award winning drama with top actors, including Kent Tong, one of the Five … Continue reading

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For fuck sake, get some Indian actors/actresses #Kim Su Ro, The Iron King 

Ji Hye appeared as Heo Hwang Ok, daughter of an Indian aristocrat (from Ayodha, Uttar Pradesh) and who traded with Gimhae, one of the small states of Gaya, South Korea (near Busan). She married the hero of the drama, Kim Su … Continue reading

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My darling, Yeon Hee (now an adult), reappears, finally #Six Flying Dragons: Episode 7 recaps

Spies and secret societies and revolutionaries, oh my! Poor Bang-won tries to gain admission into Jung Do-jeon’s adventure club, but even with all his wits and wiles, he can only get so far before running into ghosts from his past. … Continue reading

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Nice to see a manly Korean male lead without the Beatle hairdo or bangs #Maids – AsianWiki

Set in the early days of the Joseon dynasty, Guk In Yeob (Jeong Yu-Mi) was the only child in a noble (‘yanban’) family. She was famous for her beauty and stylish appearance. Due to an incident, her status fell to the lower class as … Continue reading

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Hello Koreans, the heart is on the left side #K Drama: “Maids” Episode 1 

At 11:23 The man places her palm on his right breast indicating his heart. This is one of the many problems with K Dramas, bad directing. Source: Watch Maids Episode 1 Online Free – Ep 1 eng sub

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Uh, oh! The usual corny ‘Skinship’ at the end #K Drama: The Princess’ Man Episode 1 

Watch Korean Drama The Princess’ Man Episode 1 with English subtitle Online Free – Ep 1 english sub Source: Watch The Princess’ Man Episode 1 Online Free – Ep 1 eng sub Read recap here Seung Yoo manages to jump … Continue reading

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사랑 해요 신세경 (love you, Sin Se Gyeong) Six Flying Dragons: Episode 5 recaps

I am so in love with 신세경 (Sin Se Gyeong). She had blossomed so much since Tree With Deep Roots where she played 소이 (So I).My first love will always be 김태희 (Kim Tae Hui), though. Source: Six Flying Dragons: … Continue reading

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