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I really love this movie @The Last Princess (Deokhye) – Release Date: August 3, 2016

Princess Deokhye (Son Ye-Jin) was the last princess of Korea. Under Japanese colonial rule, she is taken to Japan as a hostage. With the era’s harsh conditions, she struggles to maintain the hope of the Korean people. Jang-Han (Park Hae-Il) is a fighter for … Continue reading

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Betrayal: Never love a woman 100% #Six Flying Dragons: Episode 40 recaps

What Boon-yi did was a stab it the heart. That is why you cannot give your heart 100% to a woman. You must hold back so that you can discard them like used tools that have outlived their uses. She … Continue reading

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1/2 way mark and yawn! #Six Flying Dragons: Episode 27 recap

The bit about the children who died of hunger in the caves were stupid. Anyone in their right mind would not have waited and left to find food. This drama is getting stale. What is needed is to inject intrigues … Continue reading

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Glorifying stubborn women! #Damo, Korean drama: ep 3 recap

One thing I cannot stand is stubborn people, especially women.  Cha Ohk’s death wish is unsettling and detrimental to organisational discipline and effectiveness. She needed to be taught a lesson. Moreover, she would not make a good wife. The third episode … Continue reading

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My darling, Yeon Hee (now an adult), reappears, finally #Six Flying Dragons: Episode 7 recaps

Spies and secret societies and revolutionaries, oh my! Poor Bang-won tries to gain admission into Jung Do-jeon’s adventure club, but even with all his wits and wiles, he can only get so far before running into ghosts from his past. … Continue reading

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Nice to see a manly Korean male lead without the Beatle hairdo or bangs #Maids – AsianWiki

Set in the early days of the Joseon dynasty, Guk In Yeob (Jeong Yu-Mi) was the only child in a noble (‘yanban’) family. She was famous for her beauty and stylish appearance. Due to an incident, her status fell to the lower class as … Continue reading

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Hello Koreans, the heart is on the left side #K Drama: “Maids” Episode 1 

At 11:23 The man places her palm on his right breast indicating his heart. This is one of the many problems with K Dramas, bad directing. Source: Watch Maids Episode 1 Online Free – Ep 1 eng sub

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Uh, oh! The usual corny ‘Skinship’ at the end #K Drama: The Princess’ Man Episode 1 

Watch Korean Drama The Princess’ Man Episode 1 with English subtitle Online Free – Ep 1 english sub Source: Watch The Princess’ Man Episode 1 Online Free – Ep 1 eng sub Read recap here Seung Yoo manages to jump … Continue reading

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Fix those sageuk jails! #Tree With Deep Roots: Episode 1 recaps

Those goddam jail cells have walls with gaps large enough to squeeze through and escape. Who build cells like these?! Every sageuk has the same type of flawed jail cells. Do something about this, dudes. HeadsNo2 has graciously offered to lend her recapping skills … Continue reading

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