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What a slut @Woman Defends Dating Daughter’s Ex-Husband: ‘This Is A Free Country’

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It is elementary, my dear Watson… @Penang Transport Master Plan: A scandal in the making?

The DAP-led govt. should make Penanag a Chinese stronghold by encouraging mass migration of Chinese from other parts of Malaysia. It will entrench the DAP-led govt as well as provide a congenial home for the much discriminated Chinese in Malaysia. … Continue reading

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The only way for justice is via an armed revolution @Federal Court rejects Anwar’s final attempt at freedom 

The Agong is nothing but a puppet of UMNO so he will do nothing. He, like the rest of the sultans, depend on the UMNO-led govt. for lucrative contracts for themselves and their families. Following dismissal of the judicial case review, … Continue reading

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PAS, the Talibans of M’sia are caught in a time warp

Meanwhile, Khalid also attacked the traditional Malay attire worn by Nik Mohamad Abduh and several other PAS leaders during the first day of the PAS Youth muktamar. “One sign of a drunk person is that he thinks he is living … Continue reading

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I told you so @MH370devris found off E. Africa

So far, at least seven pieces of debris recovered from islands and the coast of East Africa have been confirmed as coming from MH370, which disappeared on March 8, 2014.There were 239 people on board including six Australians.The underwater search … Continue reading

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I really love this movie @The Last Princess (Deokhye) – Release Date: August 3, 2016

Princess Deokhye (Son Ye-Jin) was the last princess of Korea. Under Japanese colonial rule, she is taken to Japan as a hostage. With the era’s harsh conditions, she struggles to maintain the hope of the Korean people. Jang-Han (Park Hae-Il) is a fighter for … Continue reading

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They are also very bushy down there @Chinese women don’t shave their body hair. Here’s why

This month, Chinese women have been showing-off their armpit hair as part of an online campaign. Yuan Ren explains why, for them, it’s not a feminist statement Source: Chinese women don’t shave their body hair. Here’s why – Telegraph

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Flower in Prison: Kdramas have bad endings. Why? (spoilers)

It is actually 51 episodes and overall I enjoyed the drama but the ending sucks. I would have preferred to see Ok Nyeo live in the palace, as a princess, and married to Tae Won. She could still supervise the legal … Continue reading

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Uneducated, white and old are Trump’s, the bastard, supporter

The poll found that the 70-year-old New York tycoon was leading among white men, whites without a college degree, and elderly citizens. Ms Clinton leads among women, African Americans and younger voters, and she has an edge among whites with … Continue reading

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“Flower in Prison”: King Myeongjong, useless piece of shit

Watch free, Ep.50 recap and comments My comment: This drama really portrayed King Myeongjong in a very bad light. While his people were being killed and tortured, all he did was lie in bed, after having threatened to abdicate. He had … Continue reading

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