“Flower in Prison”: King Myeongjong, useless piece of shit

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My comment:

This drama really portrayed King Myeongjong in a very bad light. While his people were being killed and tortured, all he did was lie in bed, after having threatened to abdicate.

He had good people, like OK-Nyeo, around him but being weak, not in the physical sense since he was sickly, he could not turn things around quickly enough. He lacked the ruthlessness to become an effective king.

History also told us that he had only one consort who bore him a prince which died young. Strange that he had no concubines to bear him more sons. Maybe he had weak sperm count and could not easily produce children since he had only one child with his Queen.

I think Myeongjong was among the worst kings in Korean history. They all sucked anyway but he was among the worst.

Recap by Campus Connection

Taking advantage of the King’s weakened condition, Lord Yoon tortures all those who have been arrested, including Sung Ji Heon and Chief Kang.
The soldiers put up wanted posters of Ok Nyeo and Tae Won all over the capital; they also raid Sosoru.
The King visits the ailing Queen Mother in her quarters; while there, he remembers his youthful days as a King with the Queen Mother acting as regent.
While Jung Nan Jung and Lord Yoon plan how to protect themselves, Ok Nyeo and Tae Won ask Gong Jae Myung and the merchants to gather all of their fighting men.
Ok Nyeo asks the damo at the Queen Mother’s quarters to give through Lady Han a letter for the King. But on her way to see Lady Han, the damo is recognized and accosted by the Queen Mother’s bodyguard.


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