This is the sorry state of Malaysians @Aidilfitri costumes for cats selling like ‘hot cakes’: Meowku Enterpise, Malaysia

Many, like these have lost sight of the true significance of ramadan. Not only Malaysians but across the world. Ramadan is now celebrated like Christmas and Chinese New Year, especially the latter. Muslims now let off firecrackers and give out green packets (containing money). Aping the Chinese ‘ang pows’ (red packets).

They have ‘sungkai’ buffet, ‘sahur’ buffer, from the cheap low end restaurants to the plush hotels. Then there is the ‘Hari Raya’ sale, special offers, etc.

These people become extra ‘pious’ Muslims during ramadan. Nightly congregational prayers at mosques, until the last day of fasting month; then when the moon is ‘sighted’, the mosque is suddenly emptied of people. More fire crackers are let off and the binging on food begins.

Any hint of ‘insulting’ the prophet and hey, your head is lopped off or blown to bit by some suicide bomber in his quest for his/her 72 virgins. Will, I am only assuming there is gender equality in heaven.

With religions like this, who needs God!

Muslims gone mad!

KUALA LUMPUR: Aidilfitri attire for felines is creating a frenzy among netizens after a local company introduced its special line of Baju Melayu and songkok for cats.

Source: Aidilfitri costumes for cats selling like ‘hot cakes’ | Free Malaysia Today

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