Is this a scam company@ Zenith Chatting



No response after 06-23 05:09:33

Una  06-23 05:04:58

Welcome to visit our website. This is online service May i help you with our machines? ^_^

You 06-23 05:05:38

Hello, is this a Chineze company?

You 06-23 05:05:47


Una  06-23 05:05:55


Una  06-23 05:05:59

Could you please tell me what kind of machine you are interested in?

You 06-23 05:06:22

When did this company started business?

You 06-23 05:06:53

Why is the website in Arabic?

You 06-23 05:08:55


Una  06-23 05:09:06

we mainly offer mineral equipment ,such as crusher, grinding mill, conveyor and beneficiation plant

You 06-23 05:09:33

Are you a human or a machine?

Source: ZenithChatting

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