LMFAO! What a good satire @My horror story in multi-religious Miri : Brunei

I fully support Patriotic Bruneian’s stance against Miri churches. These churches, together with the temples, are among the leading cause of emotional and psychological distress for many Bruneians going to Miri.

Let me share my own story on this.

The last time I went Miri, I was shocked to see the huge Jesus is Lord wording written on one of their churches. In Brunei the churches keep a low profile and their activities are shielded from public views. Christian schools are also not allowed to have crosses in their logos and emblems. But in Miri they flaunt it so openly. When I see this, my faith was damaged, my hands began to shake uncontrollably out of anger.

Then I saw a big Chinese temple. Even though we have temples in Brunei but they are small and restricted. The ones in Miri are so big it is totally outrageous. My faith was entirely shaken, a flurry of anger flowed towards my heart. I couldn’t take it anymore, a minor heart attack struck. I lost control of the vehicle and it crashed into a big cow near the road.

After the accident, I languished in pain, and then a group of Indians ran towards me. I thought they were coming to save me, but no, they angrily told me that I have killed their holy cow which was owned by one of the Hindu temples in Sarawak. They demanded a big compensation or else all of them will sweep me with their brooms. Already suffering from heart attack, I had no choice but agreed to their unjust demand.

As I slowly lost conscious, one of them tried to do CPR on me. But his mouth smell alcohol so I used all my remaining consciousness to refuse the CPR. I simply couldn’t allow that, my faith might collapse completely. I was nearly dead by the time I was taken to the hospital, all this is because drinking is legal in Miri!

So you can see how much mental torture Miri’s so-called multi-religious society is inflicting on Bruneians. If nothing is done, imagine how many other Bruneians will suffer similar fate as mine.

Source: Reddit.com/r/reddit/Brunei

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