Men with soft spots for pussies never accomplish anything big @Six Flying Dragons: Episode 46 recaps

Moo-hyul sits desolately in front of his friend’s memorial tablet, unable to keep from blaming himself for Young-kyu’s death—if he would’ve just taken the opportunity he had to kill Sa-kwang, none of this would’ve happened. Da-kyung also blames herself, since Young-kyu was acting on her behalf when he was killed.

Source: Six Flying Dragons: Episode 46 » Dramabeans Korean drama     recaps


He obviously had the hots for Sa-kwang. Initially, he did not know she was King Gongyang’s woman but he should have changed his attitude once he knew. She would never fall for Moo-hyul and that dumb ass was too stupid to see that. People like him cannot be trusted.

At least for Bang-ji and Yeon-hee the feelings were mutual and between choosing Sambong (Jeong Do-jeon) and her it was right that he chose her. The person to blame was Sambong for being a poor judge of people and chosen unwisely.



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