Six Flying Dragons Episode 44 

Lee Ban Won, later King Taejong

Just 6 episodes to go and there are still so many events to cover – the first strife of princes, death of JDJ, LSG abdicating, Ban Gwa ascending the throne, second strife of princes, Ban Gwa abdicating and Ban Won becoming king.

It will be a hashed up, rushed ending, like so many sageuks and that is what annoys me. I would love to see more balanced sagueks where events are equally treated and have a decent ending.
Moreover, romance and the evil back stabbing among the women were missing in SFD.

This drama will end by Ban Won ascending the throne. Would have been nice to have another 10 episodes dealing with Ban Won’s reign.

Of course, there were a ‘sequel’ of sorts in “the Great King Sejong”, a much earlier sageuk (2008) and more recently, in “Jang Yeong Sil” (2016) but a proper sequel with the same casts would be wonderful. Alas, sequels of this sort do not happen in Korean dramas.

The 159 episode “Tears of the Dragon” (1996) covered from Taejo to Sejong. I have not watched it as I have yet to find one with English subs. It may be old and production of sagueks in the last century were not that good but if I can find one with English subs, I may watch it.

Watch Six Flying Dragons Episode 44 Online Free – Ep 44 eng sub

Recap by Dramabeans

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