Behind the smile was a covetous heart #The Virtuous Queen Of Han Episode 7 

Wei Zi Fu and Duan Hong, childhood friends

Wei Zi Fu and Duan Hong: childhood friends

Duan Hong still had the hots for Wei Zi Fu, the concubine of Emperor Wu. She only saw him as big brother though.

There is nothing I hate more than a man who covets the wife of another. There are so many women he can pick from so there was need to hang on to a one sided love or his delusion of love.

I am not a religious person but one thing that rings true for me is one of the 10 Commandments, thou shall not covet thy neighbour’s wife. Get a life, dude.

In subsequent episodes, his licentious looks at Wei Zi Fu was obvious to anyone watching him. This will bring danger to Wei Zi Fu, of course, as her enemies will seize the chance to frame her.

“I have promised the gods that I have buried my love for her”, he declared during a confrontation on this matter with Wei Qing, Zi Fu’s brother. Ha! With lust oozing from every pores in this body. I really hate this Duan Hong. Looking at his woeful expressions whenever he saw or was with Zi Fu.

Be a man! There were so many pussies around for him to play with. Visit a brothel, dude to get your horniness out of the way or marry a woman, have concubines, whatever. Some puppy love encounter more than a decade ago and you are still hanging on to it. Grow up, you prick!

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