1/2 way mark and yawn! #Six Flying Dragons: Episode 27 recap

The bit about the children who died of hunger in the caves were stupid. Anyone in their right mind would not have waited and left to find food.

This drama is getting stale. What is needed is to inject intrigues among the women, Boon Yi vs Min Da-Gyung.

It is more than the 1/2 way mark in this 50 episode drama and where are the sparks, love, romance and poisoning of love rivals.It gets boring, just watching delusional Confucian scholars babbling on about land reform, civil service exams., rule by a few, etc. Reforms without regime change, bloodless? Ha! Dream on.

Source: Six Flying Dragons: Episode 27 » Dramabeans » Deconstructing Korean dramas & Kpop culture

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