Glorifying stubborn women! #Damo, Korean drama: ep 3 recap

One thing I cannot stand is stubborn people, especially women.  Cha Ohk’s death wish is unsettling and detrimental to organisational discipline and effectiveness. She needed to be taught a lesson.

Moreover, she would not make a good wife.

The third episode of Damo continues to develop the back stories of Hwangbo and Chae Ohk, and their conflict over Chae Ohk’s safety comes to a head. While the Left Police Bureau engages in a sting operation to lure out counterfeiters, the audience sees signs that the counterfeit operation is just the tip of the iceberg.

Source: Damo with Lee Seo Jin & Ha Ji Won – Episode 3 – Korean drama recap

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1 Response to Glorifying stubborn women! #Damo, Korean drama: ep 3 recap

  1. mihansa says:

    Just wait – you’ll see that HwangBo’s stubbornness is just as much of a problem (ultimately more). It is one of the things they have in common. I prefer to see Chae Ohk as determined, driven, and supremely focused, qualities we might praise and respect in a man who put the job of protecting the public above all other considerations. As for being good qualities in a spouse, well, it depends on the match. But being a wife is something other people want for Chae Ohk, not her own ambition.

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