Got it dude, we are all whores. It is whoring world! #Sex in Mongolia : Part 1

Prostitution in Ulaanbaatar

I know what you are thinking.  You are thinking, “Of course, it’s your money, idiot!  They are whores, every one!  They may not give sex for money, but they are still peddling their bodies for money!”

Oh!  But, wait!  Do we not feel sorry for the man in Le Miserable, who spend his whole life in a prison camp for stealing a loaf of bread to feed his family?  Isn’t he a whore?  He prostituted his value of “Thou shalt not steal”!

And, what about the woman who marries a man that she doesn’t love, simply because he has money; Or, even worse, the woman who goes out with a man (“sugar daddy”), exchanging sexual favours for pretty clothes and expensive gifts, or political or career favours.  Aren’t they whores as well?

What about the man who sells his soul to the “devil” by stepping on others and destroying the lives of others simply to promote his own career.  Isn’t he a whore, too?

What about the politicians who take kick-backs for allowing things that they KNOW are not good for the people or the country as a whole?  Aren’t they whores as well?

Source: Sex in Mongolia | Travel

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