When you meet a snake, kill it!: Girl Who Sees Smells, Episode 15 » Korean drama recaps/comments

Finally, Idiot Det. fired his gun and shot evil Jae-Hee at the side of his abdomen. That was about as macho as Idiot Det. could get. Kill that evil man, dude. Have you not heard the saying about if you do not kill the snake, it would return and bite you?  Well, that was what happened as at the end of the episode, evil Jae-Hee, tada, returned and kidnapped Cho-Rim / Eun-Seol on their wedding day.

It is very odd to have the bride alone in the holding room. At least the bridesmaid should have been with her, is not it? I guess, in Korea brides walk alone to the alter.

Dramas should end with a nice epilogue. In this case, it was, until we had that unnecessary dramatic turn of events. If they had wanted more drama they could have evil Jae-Hee caught somewhere after the middle, escaped, return for more kidnap/rescue/died by baby face Moo-Gak hands. Amen.

What a let down! This was like most K-dramas, the ending lets you down, left you with an empty feeling, like after unsatisfactory sex. Sigh!


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“It’s the calm before the storm — or is it the storm before the calm? Either way, this penultimate episode delivers a lot of action, be it suspense, romance or comedy. But catching this killer won’t be as simple as it seems, even when everything appears to be tied up with a nice little bow. …” Girl Who Sees Smells: Episode 15 » Dramabeans Korean drama recaps

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