SWAT team? Hound Dog? Where are they? : Girl Who Sees Smells: Episode 14 » Korean drama recaps/comments

I am sure K-dramaland producers loved making the police looked stupid. Rain may prevented wonder woman from seeing smell (to track the secret chamber) but hey! hound dogs, the canine ones, can do it, rain or shine. There they sat, despondent, until by chance, a solution came to them.

Putting the rain problem aside (which prevented wonder woman from identifying the entrance), surely it would not have taken much effort to look for the entrance to the secret chamber, even without the SWAT team and  police sniffer dogs. The plastic sheeting (used to cover the entrance) was a sure giveaway, idiots. The search area was not that big, anyway.

Nonetheless, I would have loved to see the SWAT team and sniffer dogs in action (unless they have not heard of them in Korea).  Idiot detectives plus wonder woman, drenched, looking like drowned rats certainly did not add to the drama.

After much charade, episode ended with Idiot Det.  again trying to look mean and macho, pointing his gun at the screen which showed evil Jae-Hee standing there. Did not work, dude, not with that baby face and Beatle hair cut.


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“Hello, folks! I’m just popping in to pinch-hit this episode, which I’m happy to do since I’ve been enjoying the show with its cute chemistry and (as funny as it sounds) lightweight murder mystery. And while I would never argue that there aren’t flaws in the show, I find enough to keep me entertained. Episode […]” Girl Who Sees Smells: Episode 14 » Dramabeans Korean drama recaps

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