More police stupidity & juvenile cutesy: Girl Who Sees Smells, Episode 13 » Korean drama recaps/comments

Hooray! Our wonder woman, Oh Cho-Rim / Choi Eun-Seol, linked the death of Dr. Chun Baek-Gyeong to evil Jae-Hee through body scents. Hmmm… wonder why Idiot Det. Moo-Gak never thought of utilizing wonder woman’s ‘sniffing’ powers much earlier on.

Oh, dear! Wonder woman wanted to divulge her special powers to Yeom Mi’s team. Not good for Idiot Det. who will become redundant and wonder woman will be made special agent, maybe Chief Hound Dog. After all, it was wonder woman’s who made the major contribution in Idiot Det.’s cases. Who needs him? He can go back to beat duty or looking after dolphins.

After disclosing and convincing the team, she sprang into action to hound down an escaped robber. Yes, squandering her talent and time on trivia instead of the more serious case at hand. Soon she will have no time for herself, let alone Idiot Det., get married and have children. Now you know why Clark Kent kept his Superman persona secret.

Sone 24/7 witness protection they have in K-dramaland. Idiot Det. walked into the station with wonder woman practically wrapped around her, like an octopus entangled with its prey. What a douchebag. It is scence like these that fails K-dramas

More police stupidity, with their hare-brained scheme of memory recollection by getting wonder woman together with an old friend. Would have been a great idea in normal circumstances, except that evil Jae-Hee was looking for her also using her old friends. Not to worry though, K-dramaland has a very effective witness protection, using human octopus in the form of Idiot Det.

Then more cutesy scenes, including Idiot Det. pretending to regain his senses; for a moment I believed it, at least he can now taste wonder woman’s saliva and cunt juice. What is the point of this scene, actually? This was followed by more K-drama  style ‘skinship’ and foreplay, scenes to fill in screen time. Korean airtime must be pretty cheap.

Finally, the police showed they had some brains; well actually it was Yeom Mi. What seemed to be police incompetence at wonder woman’s reunion with her old friends, to help memory recovery, turned out to be a smart ploy to get into evil Jae-Hee secret chamber. Jae-Hee was duped into kidnapping Yeom Mi instead of wonder woman and she was dumped there.

Episode ended with Idiot Det. trying to be macho (a bit difficult when you have a baby face and a Beatle haircut), by pointing a gun to evil Jae-Hee’s head. Of course, he would not kill evil Jae-Hee nor will Jae-Hee talk. Don’t point a gun at someone and threaten to kill unless you are willing to pull the trigger, dude. Lost of credibility big time.



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“The cute is back! I love this show so much more when Mu-gak and Cho-rim are being adorable together, and this episode doesn’t disappoint. Unfortunately, the killer is getting closer to discovering the true identity of Choi Eun-seol, and not even Mu-gak’s increasing threats and challenges can put him off the scent. It will take […]”  Girl Who Sees Smells: Episode 13 » Dramabeans Korean drama recaps

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