China’s Separatist, Independence, and Decentralization Movements

E Turkestan_flag

East Turkestan




Inner Mongolia













  1. International Tibet Independence Movement
  2. Government of Tibet in Exile — Official site.
  3. Free Tibet!— The world-wide movement to achieve freedom and justice for Tibet, occupied by China since 1959. Although these efforts are mainly nonviolent, we encourage the support of an armed resistance to back up the political efforts.
  4. Free Tibet
  5. National Democratic Party of Tibet— Supports the restoration of Tibetan independence under a democratic framework.
  6. Taiwan Independence Movement — Advocate abandoning “one-China” farce.
  7. Inner Mongolian People’s Party — Advocates freedom, democracy and human rights for the Mongols in Inner Mongolia currently under Chinese colonial rule.
  8. Free Southern Mongolia — Supports the Mongolian separatist movement.
  9. Southern Mongolian Freedom Federation — Statements published by the organization and photographs of protests which it has staged.
  10. East Turkestan Information Center — Advocates the cause of Uyghur (Uighur) independence.
  11. The Hong Kong Independence Movement

via Separatist, Independence, and Decentralization Movements.

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