Malaysia is a country run by idiots @Nothing smart ever comes out of ministers’ mouths

Kit Siang bays for blood of ‘bungling’ deputy minister

Lionking: It will be a shock if no action is taken against every one of them who have contributed to the debacle in MH370, nothing less of a sack is acceptable. Can the BN do that, or will they get promotions instead?


What really is beyond belief is why the BN, particularly Umno, is not able to see what is happening in the Malaysia political landscape. After this MAS incident, we have proven to the world how incompetent we are, and dare I say how stupid we can be.


A country with a so-called best education system in the world has produced countless jokers and sadly, they are concentrated in BN. Nothing very intelligent is ever spoken by almost all of the BN leaders.


Why can’t they see all this? Do we all have to suffer for generations to come?

via Malaysiakini.

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