Singaporean loves food more than sex, in a repressed country @Long queues form in S’pore for KL’s Kin Kin chilli ‘ban mian’

Cilli Ban Mien

Chilli Ban Mien

People who eats chilli with everything have poor appreciation of food. Chilli is so overpowering that it numbs the tongue and all you taste is chilli, drowning the flavour of the food you are eating.

Singaporeans are well know for their love of chilli. You see people pouring chilli sauce from the bottle on whatever they have been served and this tells you that are not a connoisseur.


Diners have been turning up in droves for the famous Kin Kin Chilli Pan Mian at 534 Macpherson Road, since it’s Singapore branch opened two weeks ago.

The Kuala Lumpur brand – called Restoran Kin Kin with three outlets in Malaysia – is known for its signature dry ban mian or handmade noodles.

The noodles served here are made in Singapore, and come topped with crispy ikan bilis, fried shallots, meatballs, minced meat and a poached egg.

It is best to add the special dry chilli flakes to the noodles, and mix all the ingredients together.

The signature dry ban mian costs $5 a bowl.

via Long queues form in S’pore for KL’s Kin Kin chilli ‘ban mian’.

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