Bearded, turbaned ‘ulamas’, whereforth art thou? @‘Doppler effect’ helped ‘ping-point’ MH370 path


Delusional or crafty

Delusional or crafty

So where are the turbaned, bearded ‘ulamas’? The same ‘ulamas’ who asserted, with punitive sanctions, that Islam is the panacea for all the world’s evil? In fact, the among the countries* currently involved in the search, none are from Muslim countries. With of course, the ‘Great Satan’, USA, paying a key role.

So where are the bearded men? Locked in a time warp, of 14th century Arabia, pandering to the views of a charlatan bent on building his empire. Often stealing from Judeo-Christian scriptures and repackaging them to suit the Arabian customs and culture. As a brand guru, he ranks no.1; the ‘haj’, pilgrimage, now being a multi-billion dollar industry worldwide.

The Doppler Effect — a law of physics discovered in 1842 by an Austrian physicist helped a British company analyse “pings” its satellite picked up from Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 to determine its final destination. British satellite company Inmarsat which owns 11 telecommunications satellites, received eight satellite “pings” sent by the ill-fated aircraft between 1.11 am and 8.11 am Malaysian time on March 8, soon after it vanished from radar screens.

This confirmed that the aircraft flew around seven more hours even though it could not be detected by civilian or military radars across the world. The pings did not give out any information on the exact location or speed.

via ‘Doppler effect’ helped ‘ping-point’ MH370 path – The Timesof India.


*Australia, New Zealand, the United States, Japan, China and the Republic of Korea. Read more: MH370 Lost in Indian Ocean: 6 countries involved in search operations

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