See below for answers @IS IT POSSIBLE FOR MH370 TO ‘END’ UP IN INDIAN OCEAN? 5 questions that need answers before M’sian PM can be believed

IS IT POSSIBLE FOR MH370 TO ‘END’ UP IN INDIAN OCEAN? 5 questions that need answers before M’sian PM can be believed.

Answer (my theory):

1. How do we know the plane crashed when we haven’t found any confirmed debris?

They have information and are not sharing it. The information came from highly sophisticated military satellite of the US and they made Najib swear by his mother’s grave not to divulge it. The Inmarsat findings were used as a cover.

2. Will the black box ever be found?

No. The crash site is not where we are made to believe where it might possibly be. They are going to keep this a secret so that the truth will never be known to the public, to avoid further embarrassment. The reality is that negligence led to MH370 demise, including all passengers and crew.

3. Why did none of the passengers communicate before the plane crashed?

Elementary, my dear Watson. People had been knocked out. When relatives called, the plane was still in the air (ringing tones) but they were knocked out, so there was no reply. Eventually, the phones became unreachable and that signified the plane had crashed.

4. How did no one notice the plane had gone so far off course?

Malaysian military picked the ‘UFO’ (MH370) but was too stupid to act. Imagine what would it be like if it was a 9/11 type attack. Putryajaya would have been flattened.

As I said earlier, US spy network picked it out and that was why they can ask Najib to announced that the plane had crashed and they were no survivors.

5. Were the captain and/or his co-pilot involved?

Pilots Zaharie Ahmad Shah, 53, and Fariq Abdul Hamid, 27

Pilots Zaharie Ahmad Shah, 53, and Fariq Abdul Hamid, 27

Definitely, they were trying to regain control of the plane, make a relatively safe landing, and save lives. Many of the information that came out of the Malaysian govt. are suspect. They are either lying  or holding something back.

Eventually, they will blame the pilot and suicide is the best explanation for them. Save Malaysian Airlines (MAS) from embarrassment. MAS is drowning in debts and the Malaysia govt. do not wish to see it go down. Compensation to the relatives of the victims of MH370 will be paid by the insurance company.


MH370 demise was the result of some unfortunate mishap that had happened to the plane. After the initial attempts by the pilot, the plane went auto after he and the co-pilot was knocked out, together with the rest of the crew and passengers. The computerised systems kept the plane in the air until fuel ran out, by which time it was over the Indian Ocean and that was where it had crashed.







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