One air disaster is one too many @Astronaut: New satellite network could track missing aircraft

Not just tracking after the plane had gone down. Aim for 100% safety record. Yes 100%!

It should be made policy – zero tolerance when it comes to safety in civilian air travel. All efforts must be made to improve on existing technologies and to invent new ones.

If airlines cannot afford the technology and meet the saftey standards then do not attempt to operate an airline. When small nations became independent, it became some sort of must to have a ‘national’ airline. Why? National identity can be build in other ways, more cost effective. There need for an airline.

A fleet of tiny satellites released from the International Space Station could be a tool to help solve future aviation mysteries like the disappearance of Malaysian Airlines Flight 370, said retired astronaut Chris Hadfield, who commanded the space station for five months last year.

Astronaut: New satellite network could track missing aircraft –

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