MH370: Goodfellow’s postulation gains credence with sighting in the Maldives

Crashed In Indian Ocean

Crashed In Indian Ocean

Assuming that Goodfellow’s postulation is correct (see previous post), the plane would have flown over the Maldives before it crashed into the Indian Ocean when it ran out of fuel. Now that they had been sightings in the Maldives, if proven correct, then the search would be in the area of the Indian Ocean between the Maldives and Madagascar Island, off the coast of Mozambique, Southeast Africa (ref. Google map). That is where they should be looking.

Residents on a remote island in Maldives claim they saw a ‘low-flying jumbo jet’ matching the description of the missing Malaysia Airlines plane in the hours after it disappeared.

Missing Malaysia Airlines plane MH370: Islanders claim they saw jet fly over Maldives | Metro News.

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