MH370: Debunking Goodfellow’s over simplistic postulation

According to Wise, Goodfellow falters on a number of factors. First, he says there is no way the pilots (or whoever was steering the plane) were unconscious before the plane reached Langkawi. “While it’s true that MH370 did turn toward Langkawi and wound up overflying it, whoever was at the controls continued to maneuver after that point as well, turning sharply right at VAMPI waypoint, then left again at GIVAL. Such vigorous navigating would have been impossible for unconscious men”

Second, he says that the position of the plane at 8.11am, when a satellite received a ping from the jet, completely debunks Goodfellow’s theory that the plane went down in the Indian ocean near Langkawi. “Without human intervention—which would go against Goodfellow’s theory—it simply could not have reached the position we know it attained at 8:11 a.m”.

via Missing Malaysia jet: Pilot’s viral ‘electric fire’ theory may also be wrong | Firstpost.

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