Will China invade Malaysia a la Bush’s Afghanistan @China asks Malaysia to tell truth about missing MH370 flight

Annoyed over conflicting reports about the missing plane, China on Wednesday night asked Malaysia to verify rumours and share all information about the flight MH370 after official admission that it may have turned back and disappeared over the Straits of Malacca.

China asks Malaysia to tell truth about missing MH370 flight

If a Malaysian govt.’s protected right-wing group or person was to have sabotaged the plane and killed the passengers, majority Chinese, on board MH370, will the Chinese govt. invade Malaysia to arrest that person or group? If demands for extradition were not met.

One such group is the far-right, extremist Malay supremacist group called PERKASA and headed by Ibrahim Ali, a racist. It is Malaysian version of the Ku Klux Klan. If he has his ways he would deport all the Chinese in Malaysia. Was he and his group responsible for what had happened to MH370?

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