MH370: If the Uighurs freedom fighters are involved then the plane could have landed in North Pakistan-Western China

MH 370: Hideout in N. Pakistan

MH 370: Hideout in N. Pakistan

Two theories involving the UIghur freedom fighters

(1) Plane hijacked and flown to Northern Pakistan

(2) Plane crashed by Chinese Martyrs Brigade, click for story

Western China, Xinjiang Province is home to the Uighurs Muslims who were colonised by the Han Chinese. They had been fighting for independence for decades.

MH 370 Flight Corridors

MH 370 Flight Corridors

According to the map provided by the Malaysian government, the possible flight path in the northern corridor stretches to the southern borders of  Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan, the maximum range of the MH370. This includes the northern Pakistan border with Xinjiang province.

One of the passengers on board MH370 was an Uighur and it was believed that he had taken flying lessons. Thus it may be that he hijacked the plane and had it flown to the Uighurs’ base in northern Pakistan, a lawless area.

Hundreds of Uighurs migrated to the lawless areas of Pakistan about five years ago after they were squeezed out of their homeland by a Chinese crackdown, Pakistani security sources say. Their numbers are believed to be much smaller now.

via From his Pakistan hideout, Uighur leader vows revenge on China –

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