Ladies, try this famous Malaysian ‘nasi kang kang’ recipe to help keep your husbands


Nasi KangKang, literally means Squatting Rice. It’s some sort of love potion made for men. It was believed that after eating the rice, the man was bound to abide entirely by the woman’s wishes. His mind will be reset and zombified. Any of the woman’s wishes such as, “buy me a diamond” would be fulfilled immediately.
Many years ago, this superstition was practiced by the Malays and also the Nyonyas.

Making 'nasi kangkang'

Making ‘nasi kangkang’

How to make Nasi Kangkang
1. Stand with her legs wide open and while the pot of rice was still steaming,
2. Allowed sweat to trickle down into the steaming pot
3. Serve it to ‘victim’

Source: Nasi Kangkang = Part ll

Note: Some add another ingredient, menstrual blood

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