Directions to Parachinar, FATA, Pakistan from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

How to get to Parachinar

How to get to Parachinar

Kuala Lumpur to Parachinar, 6,533 km, about 94hrs non-stop driving. Source: Google map

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Driving directions to Parachinar, Taliban Territory, Pakistan  
This route has tolls (get ready loose change, lots of it)
Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur
1. Head east on Jalan Damansara
1.1 km
2. Exit onto Jalan Syed Putra
350 m
3. Take the ramp onto Jalan Damansara
2.6 km
4. Take the ramp onto Jalan Duta
2.4 km
5. Take the ramp onto Lebuhraya Jalan Duta – Sungai Buloh
2.0 km
6. Take the exit to stay on Lebuhraya Jalan Duta – Sungai Buloh
600 m
7. Continue onto Lebuhraya Utara – Selatan
468 km
8. Lebuhraya Utara – Selatan turns left and becomes Thanon Phetkasem Rd/Route 4

Continue to follow Thanon Phetkasem Rd
52.2 km
9. Slight left toward Route 43
500 m
10. Continue straight onto Route 43
29.4 km
11. Continue onto Route 4
64.8 km
12. Continue onto Route 41
384 km
13. Continue onto Route 4
248 km
14. Slight left to stay on Route 4
166 km
15. Slight left toward Route 323
6.6 km
16. Turn left onto Route 323
7.8 km
17. Turn right to stay on Route 323
53.6 km
18. Turn left to stay on Route 323
135 km
19. Turn right to stay on Route 323
69.1 km
20. Turn right to stay on Route 323
18.6 km
21. Turn right to stay on Route 323
2.9 km
22. Continue onto Hpayarthonesu Rd
12.8 km
23. Turn right
63.6 km
24. Turn right
46.1 km
25. Turn left toward Route 8
26.4 km
26. Turn right onto Route 8
24.6 km
27. Turn right to stay on Route 8
5.2 km
28. Turn left to stay on Route 8
400 m
29. At the roundabout, take the 1st exit ontoMawlamyaing Rd
204 km
30. Continue onto Phayagyi Segment

Continue to follow ဘု​ရား​​ြကီး​လမ်း​ပိုင်း​
8.6 km
31. Turn left toward Ah Myan Lan
500 m
32. Take the ramp onto Ah Myan Lan
441 km
33. Turn left
1.3 km
34. Turn right
3.6 km
35. Turn right
3.2 km
36. Turn right toward ပြည်လမ်း/NH2
21.4 km
37. Turn right onto ပြည်လမ်း/NH2
2.6 km
38. Turn left onto အမြန်လမ်း

Go through 2 roundabouts
53.1 km
39. At the roundabout, take the 2nd exit
3.3 km
40. Turn left
300 m
41. Take the 1st right
800 m
42. At the roundabout, take the 2nd exit
600 m
43. Continue straight onto Ayeyarwady Bridge (Yadanabon)/Yadanabon Bridge
3.8 km
44. At the roundabout, take the 2nd exit ontoRoute 7
88.4 km
45. Turn right
44.5 km
46. Turn left
318 km
47. Turn right toward Indo-Myanmar Rd
2.1 km
48. Turn left onto Indo-Myanmar Rd

Pass by Moreh Hospital CHC

(on the left in 650 m)
39.1 km
49. Turn left onto Indo-Myanmar Rd/AH 1/AH 2/National Highway number 39

Pass by Yadumani Petrol Station, Khangabok

(on the left in 41.5 km)
68.0 km
50. Turn left to stay on Indo-Myanmar Rd/AH 1/AH 2/National Highway number 39

Pass by Nupi Lal Complex

(on the left)
230 m
51. At the roundabout, take the 3rd exit

onto Indo-Myanmar Rd/AH 1/AH 2/National Highway 150/National Highway number 39/NH 150
Go through 1 roundabout
Pass by PCTC Petrol Pump

(on the left in 1.6 km)
2.0 km
52. Turn left onto DM Rd

Pass by Tampha Hotel

(on the left)
1.2 km
53. At the roundabout, take the 2nd exit

onto Indo-Myanmar Rd/AH 1/AH 2/National Highway number 39
Continue to follow AH 1/AH 2/National Highway number 39
Partial toll road
Pass by Oil Pump

(on the left)
93.5 km
54. Turn left to stay on AH 1/AH 2/National Highway number 39

Pass by Petrol Pump

(on the right in 39.9 km)
40.1 km
55. Turn left at P.R Hills Jct
210 m
56. Turn right
650 m
57. Turn left
900 m
58. Turn right
60 m
59. Sharp left

toward AH 1/AH 2/National Highway number 39
650 m
60. Turn left onto AH 1/AH 2/National Highway number 39

Pass by Assam Oil Petrol Pump

(on the left in 44.0 km)
67.4 km
61. Turn right at Sunny Mpcs

to stay on AH 1/AH 2/National Highway number 39
Continue to follow AH 1/AH 2
Pass by Assam Oil

(on the right in 1.8 km)
3.3 km
62. At the roundabout, take the 2nd exit

onto Circular Rd
Pass by Petrol Pump

(on the left in 1.0 km)
1.4 km
63. Continue onto AH 1/AH 2/NH 36

Pass by Assam Oil

(on the left in 1.8 km)
78.7 km
64. Turn left onto Hawraghat Rd
11.0 km
65. Slight left onto SH 19

Pass by Temple

(on the left in 350 m)
4.2 km
66. Slight right onto Ambari Borhawor Road

Pass by Pub Hatikhali Longlisit Primery School

(on the right in 1.6 km)
1.7 km
67. Continue onto Doboka Howraghat Rd
600 m
68. Turn left to stay on Doboka – Howraghat Rd

Pass by Azma Pvt. Ltd.

(on the left)
1.1 km
69. Sharp right onto Ambari Debosthan Road

Pass by Pochim Hatikhali LP School

(on the right in 500 m)
3.3 km
70. Ambari Debosthan Road turns right and becomes Dabaka – Ambari Rd

Pass by Ghoniarpar Masjid

(on the right in 600 m)
1.9 km
71. Continue onto Doboka – Ambari Rd
5.3 km
72. Turn right

toward AH 1/AH 2/NH 36
1.3 km
73. Continue straight

onto AH 1/AH 2/NH 36
Pass by NRL Petrolpump

(on the left in 3.0 km)
32.4 km
74. At the roundabout, take the 1st exit

onto AH 1/AH 2/NH 37
Pass by Jagiraod Health and service hospital

(on the left in 66.4 km)
103 km
75. Turn right onto GS Road

Pass by Indian Oil Limited

(on the left)
1.9 km
76. Continue onto NH 37

Pass by Indian Oil Limited

(on the left in 1.2 km)
23.4 km
77. At the roundabout, take the 2nd exit

onto NH 31
150 m
78. Slight left to stay on NH 31
3.6 km
79. Slight left onto Guwahati-Hajo Rd

Pass by DTO Kamrup

(on the left in 550 m)
800 m
80. Turn right onto Barpeta-Doulashal-Hajo-Guwahati Rd

Pass by Petrol Pump

(on the right in 6.3 km)
18.6 km
81. Turn right at SBI ATM

to stay on Barpeta-Doulashal-Hajo-Guwahati Rd
Pass by Petrol Pump

(on the right in 1.3 km)
3.4 km
82. At Kalitakuchi, continue onto Hajo Doulakhal Rd
130 m
83. Continue onto Nalbari-Hajo-Guwahati Rd

Pass by Deka Service Petrol Pump

(on the right in 20.2 km)
21.5 km
84. At the roundabout, take the 1st exit

onto SH 9
28 m
85. Slight right onto Nalbari Main Rd
190 m
86. Take the 2nd left

to stay on Nalbari Main Rd
Pass by ASTC Counter

(on the right)
2.3 km
87. Turn left onto NH 31

Pass by IOCL , Filling Station , Pathsala

(on the left in 30.9 km)
100 km
88. Turn right onto NH 31C

Pass by Indian Oil

(on the left in 9.7 km)
30.0 km
89. Turn left to stay on NH 31C
22.8 km
90. Turn left to stay on NH 31C

Pass by Indian Oil Corporation

(on the right in 64.3 km)
68.6 km
91. Turn left

toward Rishi Rd
5.1 km
92. Turn right onto Rishi Rd

Pass by click

(on the left in 5.0 km)
21.8 km
93. Turn right to stay on Rishi Rd

Pass by Falakata Rural Hospital

(on the left in 17.2 km)
17.6 km
94. At Falakata Petrol Pump, continue ontoNH 31/NH 31D

Pass by Falakata Chowpatty

(on the right)
1.0 km
95. Turn left at Dhupguri More

onto NH 31D
Pass by SR VIDEO

(on the right)
21.7 km
96. Turn left onto NH 31/NH 31D

Pass by Indian Oil

(on the right in 11.2 km)
17.8 km
97. Slight left onto NH 31D

Pass by Soil Testing Lab

(on the left in 1.8 km)
5.9 km
98. Slight left

toward NH 31D/SH 12A
43 m
99. Take the 1st right

toward NH 31D/SH 12A
52 m
100. Continue straight

onto NH 31D/SH 12A
Pass by Netaji Club Kalibari

(on the right in 14.3 km)
45.1 km
101. Slight left onto Fullbari Ghoshpukur Bypass
160 m
102. Continue onto Fulbari Ghoshpukur Bypass

Pass by Petrol Pump

(on the left)
18.6 km
103. At Prem Chand Compex, continue ontoRishi Rd
11.1 km
104. Turn left

toward NH 31C
2.3 km
105. Turn left at BHALUKGARA MORE

onto NH 31C
3.9 km
106. Continue onto NH 327 Ext

Pass by Patel’s HP (Petrol Pump)

(on the right in 13.5 km)
95.0 km
107. Turn left onto BR SH 63/NH 327 Ext
14 m
108. Turn right onto Purnea – Araria – Forbesganj Rd

Partial toll road
Pass by Godhi Chowk Petrol Pump

(on the left in 4.3 km)
31.9 km
109. Continue onto NH 57

Pass by Hira Petroleum

(on the left in 157 km)
205 km
110. Continue onto Bypass Rd

Pass by Hanuman Ji Temple

(on the left in 1.7 km)
4.9 km
111. Continue straight

onto E West Expy
2.4 km
112. Continue onto Bypass Rd
1.3 km
113. Continue onto E West Expy
1.0 km
114. Continue straight

onto Bypass Rd
76 m
115. Turn right onto AH 42/NH 28

Pass by Motipur Petrol Pump

(on the left in 24.7 km)
25.6 km
116. Turn left at Malang Asthan

onto Motipur – Sahebganj Rd
Pass by Primery Health Centre

(on the right in 19.0 km)
23.1 km
117. Continue straight through Keshaw Chowk

onto BH SH 74
Pass by Petrol Pump

(on the right in 5.5 km)
9.8 km
118. Turn right onto Chakia Kesariya Sattarghat Rd

Pass by Petrol Pump

(on the left in 3.0 km)
3.1 km
119. Turn left at Bhawani Drugs

onto BH SH 74
Pass by Petrol Pump, Hussaini

(on the right in 8.7 km)
10.8 km
120. Turn left onto Bagaha Dhala Rd
9.6 km
121. Slight right onto BR SH 53/NH 28

Continue to follow NH 28
Pass by Sihasni Petroleum

(on the left in 33.1 km)
137 km
122. Turn left onto Gorakhpur Bypass
32.3 km
123. Slight left onto NH 28

Partial toll road
Pass by HPCL Petrol Pump

(on the left in 25.4 km)
223 km
124. Take the exit toward Zaidpur Rd
450 m
125. Turn right onto Zaidpur Rd
1.4 km
126. Turn left onto Faizabad Rd

Pass by Petrol Pump

(on the right in 1.5 km)
2.9 km
127. Turn right onto Dewa Rd

Pass by Civil Lines Police Chauki

(on the left)
2.0 km
128. Continue onto NH 24A

Pass by Rudra City

(on the left in 9.4 km)
10.8 km
129. Turn left to stay on NH 24A

Pass by PHC

(on the right in 12.4 km)
12.7 km
130. Turn right onto MDR 77C
220 m
131. Take the 1st left

onto NH 24A
Pass by Hindu Temple

(on the left in 17.0 km)
17.4 km
132. Turn left to stay on NH 24A
350 m
133. Take the 1st right

onto NH 25A
12 m
134. Turn right onto Sitapur Rd

Partial toll road
Pass by Petrol pump

(on the left in 55.4 km)
61.9 km
135. Continue onto NH 24

Pass by Pertol Pump

(on the right in 30.0 km)
78.7 km
136. At Mezbaan Hotel, continue onto NH 730A

Pass by Mata Ji Mandir

(on the left in 2.1 km)
3.0 km
137. At Char Khamba, continue onto SH 29

Pass by Amita Jain Hospital

(on the right in 2.0 km)
2.9 km
138. Turn right onto NH 24

Go through 1 roundabout
Pass by Khan Dental Hospital

(on the left in 70.1 km)
74.7 km
139. Slight right

toward Darzi Chowk
1.6 km
140. Continue straight past Zari Zardosi

onto Darzi Chowk
Pass by Cosmo Traders

(on the right)
1.9 km
141. Turn left onto NH 24

Pass by HP Petrol Pump

(on the right)
46.1 km
142. Turn left to stay on NH 24

Partial toll road
Pass by HP

(on the right in 28.3 km)
113 km
143. Slight left onto Service Ln
500 m
144. Take the 1st right

onto Garh – Siyana Rd/SH 14/SH 65
Continue to follow SH 14
Pass by Shri Manglam Hospital

(on the left in 35.8 km)
40.2 km
145. Slight right onto CCS University Rd

Pass by Tejgarhi Petrol Pump

(on the left)
2.9 km
146. Continue onto Main Rd
1.3 km
147. At Mawana Chowk, take the 3rd exit
800 m
148. Slight left onto Mall Rd

Pass by Peer

(on the right in 350 m)
2.0 km
149. Turn right onto Sardhana Rd

Pass by Indian Oil petrolpump

(on the left in 3.8 km)
4.3 km
150. Continue onto SH 82

Pass by Prakratic Chikitsalya Ashram

(on the right in 61.1 km)
100 km
151. Turn left onto Grand Trunk Rd

Pass by Shani Mandir

(on the left)
450 m

Partial toll road
Pass by Indian Oil Petrol Pump

(on the left in 11.2 km)
84.9 km
153. Continue straight

to stay on Grand Trunk Rd
Pass by Doraha

(on the left in 87.5 km)
103 km
154. At Sherpur Chownk, take the 1st exit

Go through 1 roundabout
7.9 km
155. At Jalandhar Bypass Chownk, take the 1st exit

onto Grand Trunk Rd
Partial toll road
Go through 1 roundabout
Pass by Petrol Station

(on the left in 43.0 km)
52.6 km
156. Turn right onto Grand Trunk Rd/Jalandhar Bypass Rd

Continue to follow Grand Trunk Rd
Partial toll road
Pass by Parkash filling station

(on the right in 22.1 km)
78.4 km
157. Slight left
5.0 km
158. Turn left
68 m
159. Sharp right
70 m
160. Slight left

toward Ram Tirath Rd
1.9 km
161. Turn right onto Ram Tirath Rd

Pass by Amar Jyoti Senior Secondary School

(on the left)
21.7 km
162. Turn left
15.2 km
163. Turn left
3.0 km
164. Turn right
2.1 km
165. Turn right
2.5 km
166. Turn left

toward BRB East Bank
700 m
167. Turn right onto BRB East Bank
82 m
168. Take the 1st left

toward Bhaini Road
60 m
169. Turn left

toward Bhaini Road
100 m
170. Take the 1st right

onto Bhaini Road
Pass by Ahmad Cold Storage

(on the right in 5.1 km)
7.9 km
171. Turn left onto Lahore Ring Rd
1.9 km
172. Take the exit toward Lahore Ring Rd
400 m
173. Keep right at the fork to continue towardLahore Ring Rd
100 m
174. Keep right at the fork and merge ontoLahore Ring Rd

Pass by Water Treatment Plant

(on the left in 11.1 km)
15.0 km
175. Take the exit onto N5

Pass by Petrol Pump

(on the left in 4.5 km)
11.1 km
176. Take the ramp onto Lahore Bypass
7.6 km
177. Take the exit onto Lahore – Islamabad Motorway

Pass by National Highways & Motorway Police

(on the left in 20.6 km)
111 km
178. Take the exit
1.2 km
179. Turn right

toward Sial-Phalia-Road
500 m
180. Continue straight

onto Sial-Phalia-Road
140 m
181. Turn right onto Sargodha Rd/N-60

Pass by Pak Dairies Sargodha

(on the right in 13.2 km)
18.4 km
182. Slight right onto Chawki Bhagat Rd/Chowki Bhagat – Sargodha Bypass Link/Sargodha Bypass

Continue to follow Chawki Bhagat Rd/Sargodha Bypass
Pass by Afeeza Clinic Zaacha Bacha Center

(on the left in 750 m)
30.0 km
183. Continue onto Mianwali Road

Pass by Police Station Jhal Chakian

(on the right in 400 m)
20.8 km
184. Continue onto Khushab Rd

Pass by Shell Petrol Pump

(on the left in 5.6 km)
7.9 km
185. Continue onto Jhelum Bridge/Sargodha – Mianwali Rd
750 m
186. Continue onto Sargodha Rd/N-60

Pass by Karamabad Petrolium

(on the left in 3.9 km)
6.1 km
187. At Abu Wasif Mobiles, continue ontoJoharabad Road

Pass by Allied Bank

(on the left)
4.2 km
188. Continue onto Qaidabad Road

Pass by Shera Clinic

(on the left in 2.3 km)
4.3 km
189. Continue onto Mianwali Road
750 m
190. Continue onto Sargodha – Mianwali Road

Go through 1 roundabout
Pass by Bandial Petrolium

(on the left in 43.1 km)
74.2 km
191. Sharp left onto Mianwali Muzafargarh Road
4.5 km
192. Continue onto Mianwali Muzaffargarh Road
6.9 km
193. Sharp right

toward Dera Ismael Khan Rd
62 m
194. Continue straight past Kunidan Mor

onto Dera Ismael Khan Rd
Continue to follow چشمہ روڈ‎
Pass by Petrol Pump

(on the right in 12.6 km)
24.4 km
195. Turn right onto Lakki Marwat Chashma Rd
1.1 km
196. Continue onto Dara e Tang Kundal Chashma Rd
32.2 km
197. Turn left onto Essa Khel Mianawali Road
25.7 km
198. Turn right onto Sarai Naurang – Lakki Marwat Rd

Pass by esahulat 63604

(on the left in 27.2 km)
27.3 km
199. Turn right onto Bannu Naurang Rd
850 m
200. Continue onto Bannu-Naurang- D I Khan Rd

Pass by Masjid

(on the right in 4.4 km)
10.1 km
201. Continue onto Bannu Rd
1.7 km
202. Continue onto Kohat Rd

Pass by Mehfil Restaurant

(on the right in 7.0 km)
9.8 km
203. Continue onto D I Khan Rd
1.4 km
204. At the roundabout, take the 1st exit

onto Bannu Rd
Pass by Police Station Sadar

(on the left)
1.1 km
205. Turn right onto Kohat Rd

Pass by F.G School

(on the right)
400 m
206. Take the 2nd left

toward New Kurram Bridge
1.6 km
207. Continue straight

onto New Kurram Bridge
2.8 km
208. Continue onto Bannu – Thal Rd
21.4 km
209. Turn right

toward Thall-Bannu Rd
3.5 km
210. Continue straight

onto Thall-Bannu Rd
21.0 km
211. Slight right onto Thal – Miran Shah Rd

Pass by Petrol Pump

(on the right in 7.2 km)
16.6 km
212. Turn left onto Thall-Parachinar Rd.

Pass by Allama Iqbal Public School

(on the left in 48.5 km)
81.7 km
213. Continue onto Parachinar Main Rd

Pass by Shell Petrol Pump

(on the right in 550 m)
2.2 km
214. Sharp left onto School Road
120 m
215. Take the 2nd right

to stay on School Road
31 m
Parachinar, Pakistan
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