Religion is man-made

Should we nominate this author for the Nobel Prize? Maybe. However, the greatest feat will be to educate more than 1.5 billions to leave Islam. We may even include the other religions. They are all man-made and turn many people into idiots; even worse, beget violence as seen by the propensity of Muslims to resort to violence if you dared to ‘insult’ their religion or prophet, Muhammad.

Mental Bondage In The Name Of God

By reading the Qur’an with care it becomes obvious that God did not intend that there be any ‘religion’ at all. The Reading promotes a way of life which is acceptable with God and which promotes the wellbeing of people. There is no need to define it as a religion. It is clearly stated in the Reading that no prophets or messengers brought ‘religion’ from God. God revealed a deen to them so that the people around them would serve the unseen God by observing righteous deeds amongst themselves for their own benefit in this world and the Hereafter. And, thus informed, people would also know and avoid the unholy and the hypocritical behaviour of ‘religion’ by the deeds of those who profess and practice it. The surah of the Reading attributed to Noah states that he worked day and night calling the people to abandon religion. Noah told them…

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2 Responses to Religion is man-made

  1. This is my easy and straight forward answer – YES!

  2. mo halim says:

    Yea! Islam does not kill: religion does.

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