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Darrie on Wed, 12/27/2006 – 15:05 Being a female, I always wash my hands after peeing and pooping. The thought of cooking or eating anything without washing my hands is just plain nasty. My husband does not wash his hands after peeing but he alway’s washed them after pooping.via You wash your hands after | The Intellectual Appreciation of Poop Humor | PoopReport.com.

wash ass

wash ass

It would be wonderful if they wash their privates too! Emphasis seemed to be on the outward appearances, nice hair do, make up, perfume but then down there it stinks. Making spontaneous sex not recommended.

It is simple hygiene habits one can undertake on a daily basis and I wish all people have this habits then I do not have to cringe.

 I live in UK for 5 years , my worst experience here is very bad smell with people…!! Disgusting !! Bcoz they don’t wash after poo !! People with well dressed !! But I can’t stand infront of them cozed poo smell…!! Same with European and American people…!! You can say you have nice and clean toilet everywhere but you r (us , European ,UK )not clean and hygienic …specially men aged group 35 to 65 !!rubbish!!! Yukkkkkk….I did vomit many times after meet with this type of people …!! I banded some customers at my shop becoz of poo smell…!! I think it’s time to understand about the truth for those people to wash their asses… In Middle East , Asia and Muslim countries — we use tissue first then wash and then wash our hands with soap and water…..this is the best hygienic way…… That’s the reason you can’t get a bad smell from anyone even from a street cleaner in any Muslim countries…!!doesnt matter how clean is your toilet,, matter is how clean you are !!!!

Click to watch on Youtube  “How to Wash Your Ass” but there are other ways, simpler, cheaper and equally effective. Whatever, wash your privates! After each pee and poop.

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  1. smilecalm says:

    I wish all fast food workers were as conscientious as you are. May you be happy.

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